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Steve Kerr has one of the most awesome overall NBA careers to date


He was in the roster with young Shaq on magic

Where he witnessed the backboard being pulled down by Shaq


He was in the winning roster of the biggest blowout in NBA History Cleveland Miami 148-80


He was in the three-peat with Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson

Where he hit an NBA finals game-winning shot and also has the dubious honor of being punched by Michael


Also, an NBA all-star three Point Point contest win


He won two more chips Tim Duncan and Coach pop

Ended playing career with the best three-point percentage


Served as an NBA commentator on TNT


Served as an NBA General Manager where he gave the green light to the Mike 3 point offense


Coached a team that went 5 straight NBA finals 3 rings and 73 – 9 record

And coached two of the best pure scorers in NBA history.


This is just awesome.



[–]Nuggets Erahia 463 指標 1 天前

you forgot to mention that he also has the honor of coaching the 2019-2020 4 win-streak warriors


[–]ThatCanReallyHappen 17 指標 23小時前

Those same Warriors has so far swept my Bulls this season, show respect!


[–]maybeMathProf 1200 指標 1 天前

Guy turned the 13-14 six seed (51-31) into the 14-15 champions (67-15) without any major roster changes. Can’t not respect this guy.


[–][UTA] Adam Keefe jliv60 458 指標 1 天前

Double negatives always throw me off. I was about to tee off on you for not respecting him


[–]WeRightHere 2462 指標 1 天前

This is gonna sound like hate (it’s not), but he might be the most fortunate person to ever be in the NBA. Think about it.

Obviously his own skill as a player and a coach play a part on those teams too.

But the guy 4-peated while playing on two different teams. That goes beyond his own ability.

He played on a 72 win team and coached a 73 win team. He’s been surrounded by greatness his entire career.





[–]Rockets noobakosowhat 27 指標 1 天前

So he’s Forrest Gump


[–]76ers Pagliaccio13 43 指標 1 天前

poor man’s McCaw


[–]toddfredd 858 指標 1 天前

He also played on.the last Team USA team to beat the Soviet Union. World Basketball Championship in Madrid. 1986 I think


[–]maverickhistorian 319 指標 1 天前

god loves some of us more than others


[–]Raptors The_Natural_Log 21 指標 1 天前

Chandler Parsons approves this message


[–]Spurs salutcemoi 103 指標 1 天前

Lucky guy

I wish Michael Jordan punched me


[–]dissmissivenudge 8 指標 1 天前

Luck is when hard work meets opportunity.


[–]Knicks LanEvo7685 42 指標 1 天前

Jordan inadvertently transferred some of his powers to Kerr with the punch.


[–]4divisionchamp 26 指標 1 天前

You could also say that it isn’t a coincidence everywhere he goes turns to gold. The guy has an energy that is contagious he might not be the best but role players who have a spark and do what they do REALLY good add to any team they are apart of. Those teams are all lucky to have had Kerr


[–]Warriors RimRunningRagged 381 指標 1 天前

I dunno that I would include this particular one in the "most fortunate" column, considering he tore his ACL while playing for Team USA during that stint.


[–]Warriors The_Void_Reaver 153 指標 1 天前

He’s been surrounded by greatness his entire career.

Lots of players falter when surrounded by greatness where as Kerr stepped up when he so easily could have fallen back. A lot of his value comes from being able to mesh well with pretty much anyone and work with people to match up their goals even when everyone’s goals are different.



[–]pacers31 34 指標 1 天前

The ultimate glue guy


[–]EarlCampbellsThighs 198 指標 1 天前

His collegiate career isn’t exactly what I would call fortunate either. Not the career itself but what occurs during


[–][UTA] Adam Keefe jliv60 275 指標 1 天前

Let’s emphasize it was a fortunate basketball life. His personal life has been ROUGH


[–]Spurs redditor6845 8 指標 22小時前

what happened?


[–]biznisss 398 指標 1 天前

His dad got murdered by an angry mob when he was a kid In Beirut IIRC.


[–]Timberwolves Benjammin341 22 指標 22小時前

And opposing fans cheered by making fun of his fathers death iirc


[–]Celtics dumbunfounded 29 指標 1 天前

I believe it was when he was playing for Arizona and some Arizona state fans chanted PLO, the organization responsible for his fathers death.


[–]Spurs redditor6845 6 指標 21小時前

omg that’s awful


[–]dont_shoot_jr 37 指標 1 天前

Wasn’t he also part of a great Cavs team that was victim to the MJ shot?


[–]Grizzlies RuddyBollocks 44 指標 1 天前

Nah, he was on the suns his rookie year. He joined the Cavs for the 89-90 season, the shot took place in the 89 playoffs



[–][LAC] Chris Paul Slevin424 431 指標 1 天前

He really was the perfect coach for the Warriors. People say he’s overrated cause GSW didn’t need a coach to win. While he’s not known as a technical genius in the coaching department, he’s a great intuitive coach. Someone who can take all the massive egos of superstars and have them not only play together well but enjoy playing with them. Every single person who joined GSW said "it’s so fun being on this team, everyone is so chill and we have a good time" Kerr creates that atmosphere. Making players feel comfortable on a team can actually contribute to massive success. Hell I remember everyone thought Durant wouldn’t be a good fit for the Warriors cause it would ruin their style, but Kerr knew how to insert Durant into the offense without disrupting anything. He got them all to take discounts on contracts, play for the team instead of self success and had absolutely no chemistry issues on offense. Except when Draymond decides to be a dick but that’s Draymond for you.

There are so many teams that failed due to chemistry issues or players didn’t get along. Lot of teams could have used a coach like Kerr.




[–]Warriors Amcog 12 指標 21小時前

I think its unfair how little credit people give to Kerr’s changing the Warrior’s offense. He took their offense from 10th in the league to 1st, and had them playing at the fastest pace as well. He didn’t just walk into the job, he had folders of plays and schemes ready to go, as well as recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the current roster. He also was the one who got Iggy to give up his role as a starter, since he realized he was much better as a sixth man option.


[–]76ers Los_Ingobernablez 222 指標 1 天前

Didnt need a good coach to win? Tell that to Mark Jackson.


[–]AlHorfordHighlights 14 指標 23小時前

Everyone forgets this because they only started paying attention to the Warriors after Steph had an MVP season and Klay/Draymond started getting All-Star nominations.


[–]Supersonicsmanquistador 22 指標 23小時前

"BuT tHeY gOt LiViNgStOn" in the most Mark Jackson voice possible.


[–]Clippers YOU_PM_ME_BOOBS 8 指標 21小時前

After learning how Mark Jackson operated inside the locker room, that guy was such a toxic coach.


[–]myfirstsock 55 指標 1 天前

They needed the right coach, and that list is about him and Pop; maybe Phil 20 years ago


[–]Heat travelslower 20 指標 22小時前

Add Carlisle and Spo to that list.


[–]Bulls MigrantTwerker 33 指標 22小時前

Everyone ignores spo like he isn’t responsible for the best years of Lebron’s career.


[–]Skip BaylessBurner 40 指標 23小時前

Not pop, Phil definitely. Don’t get me wrong Pop is unreal but just a different style.


[–]Knicks BenevolentCheese 40 指標 22小時前

Yeah, I can’t imagine Klay and Draymond playing for a coach that demands so much discipline both on and off the court. And Kerr allows guys like Curry and Iggy to play with their real personalities and not whatever they’d have to put on with Pop.


[–]Spurs ragvamuffin 13 指標 19小時前

Pop definitely allowed his stars to play with freedom, but it was a privilege you had to earn. Parker and Manu had a lot of room to improvise and go wild after they had earned his trust.



[–]Warriors tossinkittens 88 指標 1 天前

He also holds the record for the most accurate 3 point shooter in history, I believe .454 percent. Granted he was only taking 2-3 3PA per game which is child’s play these days, but still damn impressive.


[–]West ThreeMoneyAndNoKids 65 指標 1 天前

He also had the fortune to be playing during those three years the League experimented with a shortened 3 point line. That and playing with possibly the greatest ISO player in the history of the game, meaning a number of wide open shots.


[–]Raven KingUskglass 12 指標 1 天前

Everything is pretty on point except the "NBA general manager where he gave the green light to the Mike 3 point offense."

He actually took over at the end of that era for Bryan Colangelo in 2007 and then traded Marion for Shaq , the experiment didn’t work. The next season he traded Diaw for more wing 3 point shooters. He wasn’t really successful in 3 years as GM there.



[–]Grizzlies RuddyBollocks 42 指標 1 天前

I love Steve Kerr (I watched his gaming winning finals shot live from a bar in San Francisco when I was a wee lad), and have rooted for him since he was on the bulls in the mid 90s.


[–]Knicks unrulystowaway 18 指標 1 天前

Should be in the HOF. Tell the story of the NBA and this dude is in so many chapters. Very good player on great teams with historic moments, but the post playing stuff puts him over the top.


[–]Hornets SSNappa 28 指標 1 天前

This is year 6 of his coaching career and that’s already enough to put him there already combined with his playing days.


[–]Knicks unrulystowaway 6 指標 1 天前

Only thing left to accomplish is convince Dolan to sell the Knicks and then help steer us to the promise land.








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